Civitas Academy's Student Leadership Team


"Leaders are popping up all over Civitas"

Student Leadership is a significant part of our vision and commitment to students. We have high aspirations for our students and believe that developing them as leaders plays a crucial role in community transformation and improving their life skills.

We aim to give students the confidence and oracy skills needed to navigate themselves later in life as well as the skills needed to lead and promote positive change within their own communities.

The student leadership team will equip all students with the skills, abilities, qualities to pursue a fulfilling career, contribute positively to their communities and be an active global citizen.

Student Leaders form an integral part of the Civitas Voice process. The teams will have the opportunity to meet regularly with the Leadership Team Leader and effect real change within our school.


Meet our Civitas Student leaders:


School Council 

School leader – Miss Burr

Year 1 - Maisie & Hassan

Year 2 - Makai & Amira

Year 3 - Isabelle & Romae

Year 4 - Romir & Lily

Year 5 - Zayaan & Melanie

Year 6 - Mitradev & Pranav

11 Before 11 Ambassadors

School leader – Miss Cole

 Year 1 - Zamira

Year 2 - Asher

Year 3 - Shehreen

Year 4 - Amelia

Year 5 - Farhan

Year 6 - Umaimah

House Captains

School leader – Mr Khaliq

Terra – Daniel

Aqua – Aida

Ignis – Julius

Atmos - Sidhaan



School leader – Mrs Wareham

Year 1 - Frankie

Year 2 - Zoraiz

Year 3 - Zahra

Year 4 - Atharv

Year 5 - Rayan

Year 6 - David


E-Safety Ambassadors

School leader – Mr English

Year 1 - Arham

Year 2 - Ivan

Year 3 - Mridhula

Year 4 - Siddhant

Year 5 - Abhinav

Year 6 - Alioune

Art Ambassadors

School leader – Mrs Wanan

Year 1 - Ishanvi

Year 2 - Aaeesha

Year 3 - Viaan

Year 4 - Atiksh

Year 5 - Saanvi

Year 6 - Ali


Behaviour Champions

School leader – Mrs Rapley

Year 5 - Darcey, Sienna, Divyanshu & Ishani

Year 6 - Selena, Syeda, Vihaan & Shahir

































What have our leadership team been up to?

In discussion with Mrs Ducker, our pupil leaders contributed to the design of our ‘best version of Our Civitas Child’. This included all of their ideas for their own goals and aspirations and what we want all of the pupils to achieve. From this we came up with some key vocabulary that we are now using around the school.