Teaching and Learning

Our maths curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that all children acquire a deep, long-term, secure and useable knowledge in maths, where they can apply their skills of reasoning and problem solving to a wide range of tasks. We use a spiral curriculum for our children’s learning. This means that areas of maths are revisited each year, giving our children the opportunity to build on prior knowledge and deeper their understanding of each topic. All children will access the appropriate tasks for their year group, with concrete and pictorial resources used to help the children visualise the learning and ensure connections are made to real life. During their time at our school, children will be encouraged to see mathematics as both a written and spoken language.

As teachers we are all thriving to deliver the best possible teaching of maths for all of our children here at Civitas. We are constantly learning new approaches to teaching and how we can implement the use of manipulatives to further develop our children’s mathematical toolkit. Therefore, over the last two year,s we have set up local links, in Reading, with maths mastery specialist schools and Mr English have been attending ‘Mastery Readiness’ training through NCETM which will bring new ideas that we can embed into our maths lessons.

Calculation Policy This file outlines how we, at Civitas Academy, represent and teach the four calculations.