REAch2 Reading Cluster Local Governing body

Civitas Academy shares a governing body with The Palmer Academy & Ranikhet Academy as part of REAch2 Reading Cluster.

REAch2 Governance Structure & Information

To view the REAch2 Governance Structure click here.

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Our Governors

Click here to view our current governors, their positions of responsibility, terms of office, nature of business interests that could present as a conflict of interest, any connections of other interested parties and their attendance at REAch2 Reading Cluster Local Governoning Bodying Meetings. Last updated: February 2018.

Click here to view governor attendance for 2016-17 academic year.

To contact the Chair of Governors, Mr David Leeper, please write to:

David Leeper

Chair of Governors,

Civitas Academy,

90a Great Knolleys Street,



Governing Body Minutes

Monday 22nd January 2018

Monday 20th November 2017

Thursday 21st September 2017

Tuesday 18th July 2017

Tuesday 27th June 2017

Thursday 25th May 2017

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Wednesday 15th March 2017

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Tuesday 10th January 2017

Monday 5th December 2016

Wednesday 19th October 2016

Tuesday 13th September 2016

Governor Visits

Our Governors visit the school regularly to moderate, monitor, audit and get to know the pupils.