Reception - Paddington Class


Our Paddington Class teacher is Miss Bradburn and the support staff are Miss Fitchett and Mrs Das.  We are all proud to belong to the Civitas community and have a passion for education. Every child is different so our aim is to create an engaging and fun environment that will inspire and challenge all learners.  In our setting, building positive relationships is key! We are a community where children gain the confidence, resilience and independence to succeed.  



Covid 19- Home learning Resources

Information Letter 

Week Two : 30/03/2020

Dear Parents, 

We hope you are all safe and well, we can see that several of you have uploaded tapestry videos, it is a real pleasure for us to see your child continuing their learning at home. It would be great to get as any pictures of your rainbows up on tapestry as possible.  This week we have adapted our template to try to include examples of learning, it also contains links to videos that will support you.  We are aware that many families do not have printers so have ensured that all our core work can be completed with out being printed off.  Remember to do what you can, encourage and support your child. If you need any support or are concerned about your child please email us at

Kind regards, 

Miss Bradburn and Miss Pearse

Weekly Plans and Activities : All of the activities are on daily grids, none of the core activities need a printer.

Literacy Daily Activities :These can be printed out or used as a guide on your phone/laptop. There is one for each day of the week.

Phonics Phase Two Worksheets : An optional extra phonics activity,  do a page a day, you could copy out if your haven't got a printer.

Phonics Phase Three Worksheets: An optional extra phonics activity, do a page a day, you could copy out if your haven't got a printer.


Week One-  23/03/2020

Planning and Timetable 

Literacy Resources 

Monday's Maths - Hungry Caterpillar Addition Sheet 

Tuesday's Maths- Zoo Subtraction

Wednesday's Maths -Shape Hunt 

Thursday's Maths-Hungry Caterpillar Pattern 

Friday's Maths- Measuring Crocodiles


Reception Team

Mrs Das

Reception EYP

Mrs Witkowski

EYFS Lead (Maternity Leave)

Miss Bradburn

Reception Class Teacher

Miss Fitchett


Miss Pearse

Elmer Class Teacher

Reception Parent Information

Tapestry Presentation

Mathematics Presentation

Development Matters

General Learning Resources

Twinkl Links Document : This document is full of fun activities and lessons on twinkl. 

Home Learning Activities :This document has some practical ideas for learning at home.

Number Line : A zero to twenty number line, great for daily counting.

Shape Poster: Recap the shape names with your child every day. 

Number Formation Worksheet : Practice writing your numbers correctly every day.

Letter Formation Workbook : With a letter per page, to help your child form their letters.

RWI Letter Formation Ditties : Saying these ditties will help your child to correctly form their letters.


Phonics Resources

Make Your Own Dice: Cut out these dice nets, they have phase three sounds on them.

Tricky Word Cards : This document contains all the tricky words, from phase two to five.

Phase 2-5 Audio Sounds : An invaluable tool! This PowerPoint will correctly model all the sounds from Phase 2-5.

Phase 2-5 Sound Mat: This will support your child with their writing.